The Team 

JCIC has a dedicated team of Surgeons, Audiologists and Rehabilitation Therapists that are affiliated with the Johannesburg Cochlear Implant Programme.

JCIC is able to offer multidisciplinary management for children and adults with hearing loss, who will benefit from cochlear implantation or other implantable devices. 

The team is experienced within their fields of service delivery:

  • The surgeons have received additional training in the field of auditory implants and remain up to date with the latest products.
  • The audiologists have additional licensing in Cochlear Implants and MAPping.
  • Speech therapists are qualified as Listening and Spoken Language Specialists and certified Auditory Verbal Therapists (LSLS Cert.AVT®) through the AG Bell Academy, USA.

Our Team


Dr. Ashen Nanan

Dr. Deon Rossouw

Dr. Duane Mol

Dr. Maurice Hockman

Dr. Razvi Ahmed

Dr. Khaleel Ismail


Almeri Scott

Kendyl McPherson

Leone Nauta (Coordinator)

Wendy Deverson



Rehab Therapists

Aisha Casoojee 

Almeri Scott (LSLS Cert.AVT®)

Dani Schlesinger-Michelow (LSLS Cert.AVT®)

Lindi Bernath (LSLSA)

Lisa Calligaro

Louise Ashton (LSLS Cert.AVT®)